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Hudsonville Little League  Pool & Call-Up Player’s Guide

  • Why do we have Pool /Call-Up Players?
    • To assist coaches to have enough players to field a team for games and to eliminate the need for rescheduled events as our field availability is extremely low.
  • Which Divisions can use Pool/Call-Up Players?
    • Juniors, Intermediate (Baseball), Majors, AAA, and AA
  • Where do the players come from?
    • Juniors – From the other HLL Junior teams as Pool Players OR from Active HLL Intermediate Rosters
    • Intermediate - From Active HLL Majors Baseball Rosters
    • Majors – From active HLL AAA Baseball Rosters
    • AAA – From Active HLL AA Rosters
    • AA- From the other HLL AA teams (from opposite division) as Pool Players OR from active HLL A Rosters (League Age 8 Year Olds only)
  • How do you request a player?
    • Contact the Player Agent (   ); she will contact the player(s) and assign as needed.
  • When can I contact the PA to request players?
    • As soon as you know you are in need.  The sooner the better!
  • Can Managers/Coaches request the player(s) they want?
    • No, Player Agent will assign the players.
    • The Player Agent uses a preset list of players and calls them in order.
    • You may request a catcher if you are short one.
  • If a team is missing half of its Team Roster; a coach can request to reschedule the game through his Division Director.  Otherwise a team can request the Call-Up/Pool Players needed to field a team.
  • What are these Do’s and Don’ts of these players?
    • Make your requests as early as possible.
    • Let the PA know if a catcher is needed.
    • These players can play any position other than pitcher
    • They must bat at the bottom of the order after all regular team members
      • If you have 2 Pool players they bat in the last 2 spots
    • You cannot recruit players to play for your team; only the PA can assign players not on your active Roster.