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Good Morning!
by posted 09/20/2021

Good morning!


Here is an update on our snack schedule-

Monday, 9/20 (Today) - Kal

Saturday, 9/25 - Adrian

Monday, 9/27 - Micah

Saturday, 10/2 - Jack


If you haven't been added to the snack schedule and would like to, please email/text me so I can add you on! If you cannot bring snack for the date I have you down, please let me know as well.


So far we are split on whether to do coach pitch or continue off of the tee. I'm still waiting to hear from a few parents on this topic so if you haven't already done so, please let me know if you are in support of switching to coach pitch! See my previous post for more details on this.


For today, we will continue to hit off of the tee.


Thank you all for supporting our kids each and every game! We will see you all tonight. 

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Uniforms/Hats and Coach Pitch
by posted 09/15/2021

Good morning!


Our uniforms and baseball hats are in! I picked them up yesterday and they look great. I will bring them to our game on Saturday and distribute them as everyone shows up. If you can, please arrive to the game a bit early to help with this process.


According to the league rules, it is highly recommended not to do coach pitch until after the first two weeks of games. I know we have played teams so far that have done coach pitch with some limited success. My focus right now for our next two games is to continue to support our athletes in, first, getting in our batting stance and then have a nice, even swing, keeping our heads down and eyes on the ball while hitting off of the tee. Hopefully this will provide a nice foundation as the season continues.


With this in mind, please let me know if you are in support of switching to coach pitch starting September 25. I would toss 3 pitches, and if there are 3 swings and misses then I will bring the out the tee. A couple things to consider: 

1) Not every athlete will have success with coach pitch every single at bat, or possibly not at all. We have kids who just recently turned 4 and then some 5 year olds who are much more developed.

2) As you may have noticed with the other teams, coach pitch will slow down the game and will not provide the athletes with as many at-bats per game. We have a 1-hour time limit, and no more.

3) We did not practice any coach pitch during our practices earlier in the season as I did not know we would be having teams doing coach pitch at all, let alone this quickly. Therefore, if we switch to coach pitch I would recommend practicing it a bit at home if able.


Please let me know if you are in support, or not, of switching to coach pitch starting September 25. 


Thank you so much! I look forward to hearing from you!

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Game Today, 9/13
by posted 09/13/2021

Good afternoon!


This is just a reminder that we have a game today at 5:30, on field 3 (the same field we played on on Saturday).


Again, no uniforms so please wear red! The kids did a great job on Saturday and we hope to build on that progress tonight. Thank you to everyone who has helped out thus far with managing the team. The help is greatly appreciated!


I will see everyone tonight at 5:30!

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Game Today
by posted 09/11/2021

Good morning!


This is just a quick reminder that our game today starts at noon, at the Georgetown little league field #3. 

Uniforms are not completed yet, so please just have your player wear a red shirt in it's place. 

See you soon!

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Uniforms/Team Color
by posted 09/09/2021

Good morning!


Update on uniforms:

Apparently they are still not done yet. They are hoping to have them completed by Saturday.


IF NOT- our team color is "True Red" (which is just regular red) and our MLB team is the Atlanta Braves. 


If the uniforms are not completed by Saturday's game, please have your child wear a red shirt. 


Apparently they will also eventually have baseball hats for the players as well. Still waiting on those, though. 


Questions? Feel free to email/text!

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Game Saturday/Monday
by posted 09/09/2021

Good morning!


A reminder that we have upcoming games this Saturday, 9/11, at 12:00pm at the Georgetown Little League Field #3.


We will then also have a game on Monday, 9/13, at 5:30pm at the Georgetown Little League Field #3.


Uniforms are still being processed. If we do not receive our uniforms by Saturday, the league is supposed to tell us what our team name and team color is. I will let all of you know as soon as I know.


Thank you!

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